4DT Tactical Headset Upgrade Kit

4DT Tactical Headset Upgrade Kit

 The 4DT Tactical Headset Kit offers the most technologically advanced systems available. This technology was originall developed for the US Special Forces. The Ear Seal (padding) is a rate and temperature sensitive material that conforms to wearer's unique head shape. These materials provide unparalleled comfort, fit and stability.

 These products will not generate hot spots commonly associated with this type of personal protective equipment. Our ear seals will conform around foreign objects such as glasses temples. The system will still seal against the head and around the foreign object without producing any discomfort.


 4DT Tactical Headset Upgrade Kit
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 Introducing the 4DT
 Tactical Headset Upgrade Kit
 P/N 3-3012 (4DT Ear Seals with 3M VHB Glue Rings)
 P/N 3-3025 (4DT Noise Reduction Kit)
 P/N 3-3033 (4DT Ear Seals with Snap Rings)

 Key Features of the Tactical Headset Upgrade Kit

 - Improved Protection - Independent and DoD testing have shown the core material of these products
 - Improved Comfort - The 4DT Upgrade Kit provides significantly improved comfort over similar products
 - Thermal Stability - The internal fabric of liner provides thermal regulating properties. When operating
 - Anti-Microbial - Liner and ear seals are enhanced with permanent anti-odor and anti-microbial
 - Passive Attenuation - The 4DT Noise Reduction Kit replaces open cell foam inside our ear cups
 - Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C 2533a) Compliant

 Description: 4DT Tactical Headset Upgrade Kit 4DT Offers a
 wide range of Tactical Headset products.

 Below is a list of 4D Tactical Headset products that will replace
 our existing OEM product.

 DESCRIPION                                            PRICE
 4DT Ear Seals w/ 3M VHB Glue Rings     $45.00
 (Attaches to existing ear cup flange)
 Item #: 3-3012
 DESCRIPION                                            PRICE
 4DT Noise Reduction Kit                           $20.00
 Replaces existing open cell
ear cup foam for improved
passive attenuation
 Item #: 3-3025
 DESCRIPION                                            PRICE
 4DT Ear Seals with Snap Rings                $50.00
 Replaces Snap Ring Style Ear Seals
 Item #: 3-3033

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