4DT HIVE Retrofit Pad Kit

4DT HIVE Retrofit Pad Kit

 The 4D Tactical H.I.V.E Retrofit Kit offers the most technologically advanced suspension systems available. This technology was originally developed for US SOCOM and other Tier 1 first responders around the globe. The suspension system (padding) is a rate and temperature sensitive material that conforms to wearer’s unique head shape.

 The H.I.V.E retrofit kit leverages all of the existing 4DT retrofit offerings in a completely modular kit. Standard 8-pad configurations available in ½”, ¾”, and 1” thicknesses.


 4DT HIVE Retrofit Pad Kit
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 Introducing the 4DT
 HIVE Combat Liner
 P/N 4-4027 Standard HIVE Kit (1/2" Pad Thickness)
 P/N 4-4028 Standard HIVE Kit (3/4" Pad Thickness)
 P/N 4-4029 Deluxe HIVE Kit     (1/2" Pad Thickness)
 P/N 4-4030 Deluxe HIVE Kit     (3/4" Pad Thickness)

 Key Features of the HIVE Retrofit Kit

   Padding conforms to wearers individual head geometry, eliminating hot spots
   4DT suspension technologies have shown to provide significantly improved blunt impact protection over standard OEM padding
   NanoTech fabric wicks heat and moisture away from wearer, creating a natural cooling effect
   Remove padding and install pads using existing OEM Velcro discs
 - Compatible with ACH/ECH/PASGT/Bump Helmets
 - Completely Modular - Split crown accommodates over the head comm gear
 - Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C 2533a) Compliant

 Description: 4DT HIVE Retrofit Pad Kit
 Fits: (ACH/ECH/PASGAT/Bump Helmets

 DESCRIPION                                            PRICE
 HIVE 8-Pad Retrofit Kit ½"                        $85.00
 Standard HIVE Kit
 Item #: 4-4027
 DESCRIPION                                            PRICE
 HIVE 8-Pad Retrofit Kit 3/4”                      $85.00
 Standard HIVE Kit
 Item #: 4-4028
 DESCRIPION                                            PRICE
 HIVE 10-Pad Retrofit Kit ½”                      $95.00
 Deluxe HIVE Kit
 Item #: 4-4029
 DESCRIPION                                            PRICE
 HIVE 10-Pad Retrofit Kit 3/4”                    $95.00
 Deluxe HIVE Kit
 Item #: 4-4030

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