4DT Protective Mask

4DT Protective Mask

 4D Tactical has developed the Guardian Protecive Mask leveraging our proprietary materials, used in many of our PPE products. Currently these materials are in use by the U.S. Military, NASA, Olympic Athletes and throughout the healthcare environment. Clinical
studies have shown the use of 4DT's proprietary anti-microbial fabric used in medical applications will eliminate 99% of bacteria
directly on the fabric surface.

 The fully adjustable straps allow for optimal fit adjustment by the wearer. 4DT has leveraged the same material sused in the majority of
our PPE product offering, to provide a comfortable solution to combat the current COVID-19 Pandemic we find ourselves immersed in.


 4DT Protective Mask
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 Introducing the 4DT
 Protective Mask
 P/N 6-4095-S

 Key Features of the Protective Mask

 - Extreme comfort - For all day use, fully adjustable straps, eliminates hot spots
 - Improved ventilation - 4DT Gaurdian mask allows for better air flow than conventional N-95 dust masks
 - Unisex - One size fits all
 - Moisture wicking - Heat and moisture wicking fabrics help cool the wearer
 - Anti-microbial - Proprietary anti-microbial fabric has shown to reduce 99.9% of bacteria directly on soft surface textiles
 - Reusable/washable - Mask can be washed in clothes washer or top rack of dishwasher, then air dried
 - Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C 2533a) Compliant

 Description: 4DT Protective Mask

 DESCRIPION                                            PRICE
 4DT Protective Mask                               $35.00
 Item #: 6-4095-S

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